Friday, 17 November 2017

Keira's I phone case

Hi everyone ,This is my iphone 1 case that i have been making on tinkercad. they were really challenging to make. The color’s that we had to chose from were dark blue and grey. It was really fun to work with fashid. he was the man who taught us how to use tinkercad and make the iphone 1 case. What we had to use first was a box and make like a rectangle shape. then we had to get an ovel to make the camera. next we had to copy the phone case and the make the sides. I’m going to make my iphone 1 case darkblue because it’s my favorite color. The hard part of it was making the sides and making the camera because it was 3d and it wasn't flat not like all my other parts of the iphone case. What i would want to do next time when i’m on tinkercad. I would do a different color which will be light green and the different design will be a rugby player on the back of the iphone case.


  1. hi keira,
    its Kalahz you iphone case is so cool last year I did even pringt any thing I dont know why but its amazing next time you should do how you made it.seya Kalahz

  2. Hi keira its your best friend Eva!!!!!!
    wow this is so cool i love it it you made it the perfect size you could put it on your phone /if you have one / i love it
    kind rearguards Eva